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Sales Engine, LLC | Alpharetta, GA

Sandler Online Training

Launching March 15, 2017!

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  • Robust Content

    Complete course curricula available for sales, management, customer service, enterprise selling, professional services, and coaching. Sandler Online is designed to drive learning, productivity, and efficiency in the real world by allowing each member to learn at their own pace in their own way in a highly interactive environment.

  • Customizable Teaching

    Achieve an optimal, blended learning approach by customizing the way you learn.

    • Self-directed study
    • Instructor-led Training
    • Personalized Assignments
    • Additional Tools and Resources


  • Go Green in 2017
    • Paperless Option Now Available- Access your course materials from your devices instantly, NO MORE BULKY BINDERS!
    • Reduce Your Company's Carbon Footprint- Cancel the commute and train your team remotely with Sandler Online courses and weekly Webex sessions
  • Social Collaboration
    • Promote the professional development goals of your organization with our business-appropriate collaboration tools.
    • Blogs, discussion forums, and gamification contests are customizable to complement your company's culture.
    • Engage in informal peer-to-peer learning as well as instructor-led support and management initiatives. 
  • Management Tools and Reporting
    • Wide array of standard reports and at-a-glance dashboards
    • Customizable reports based on your organization's intiatives
    • Immediate access to data- assess capabilities and advancements in real time
    • Schedule automatic reporting to ensure measurement at strategic intervals and practical evaluation
    • Track your team members individually and evaluate their progress and comprehension
  • Certification Assessment and Monitoring

    Tools for measuring and managing learners' progress play a key role in implementing your objectives. With the Sandler Online Certification program, 

    • Verify achievement for your sales and management professionals
    • Identify knowledge gaps that must be revisited

    Tracking technology allows managers to assess each team member's status and gives trainers and managers access to materials and content to fill those knowledge gaps.

  • Learners Stay Actively Engaged
    • Virtual Training Webinars
    • Virtual Playbooks
    • Scripts
    • Downloadable Tools
  • Sign Up for Sandler Online!

    Click Here to purchase your Sandler Online license at our Shopify store.

    Contact Kim Smith at if you have any questions or if you do not receive access information within 2 business days.