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Sales Engine, LLC | Alpharetta, GA

In Our Client's Own Words

When our clients are successful, we know we’ve succeeded All the data and metrics aside, the success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us. The Sandler system is a proven methodology, which has helped develop high-performing businesses, business owners, leadership, sales managers, and sales people around the world.  We're proud to share just a few of the clients we've served, along with their testimonies of success. 

Dornier MedTech

Kevin Peppers, National Account Representative at Dornier Medtech, was battling a long sales cycle with one of his military clients. Using what he learned at Sandler, Kevin expedited and closed the biggest deal of his career (so far) at $1.7 Million!

Ericksson Physician Search

Rod Arnold, CEO Ericksson Physician Search, Alpharetta, GA has experienced multiple sales training programs, but was looking for something more proactive and ongoing for his team at Ericksson Physician Search. Rod shares why Sandler Training was the second best business decision he has made.

Keylingo Translations

Keylingo CEO, Frederick Marx shares how Sandler Training helped them with methodologies to get to ultimate goals, including landing a $100,000 relationship.


PROBLEM:  Respected mechanical construction and facilities services company needed to empower its sales force to seek new business rather than waiting for it.  

SOLUTION:  Proactive approach to prospecting.

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Pinnacle Lighting Group

Jim and Nick Burks of Pinnacle Lighting describe how Sandler Training has changed their lives by helping them establish equal business stature with their billionaire clients.


Michael O'Keefe, Sr. Sales Director, Sales Efficiency, was building a new sales force for cBeyond in Atlanta, GA and asked Sandler Training for help. Before working with Sandler, Michael thought sales training wasn't necessary. See why he changed his mind after working with Sandler.