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Assess Your Team

Hiring & Coaching | Strategic Team Development


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Sandler specializes in offering psychological and management advisory services aimed at assisting organizations in the selection, development, comprehension, and organization of their paramount asset: their personnel. Our customized services are designed to address the distinctive and specific requirements of each client. By integrating insights from the report, we can seamlessly integrate them into our proven sales training program. Explore the diverse range of services below to discover how we can support you in making informed, data-driven decisions in key areas critical to your success!

What To Expect

Few individuals encounter the daily pressures and stresses comparable to those faced by top leaders and executives tasked with ensuring the financial success of a diverse group of stakeholders. Through our extensive experience, we have observed that executives greatly benefit from the presence of an impartial and unbiased external third party that offers guidance, feedback, and an open dialogue to address the challenges confronting their organization and its leaders.

Our executive coaching approach entails regular one-on-one meetings tailored to each executive's individual and specific needs. Within this framework, we administer a Psychological Assessment to analyze the executive's pattern of personality strengths and weaknesses in relation to their role, the work environment, and the organizational culture. Additionally, we collect information from various sources, including a 360° Feedback Survey. Using this comprehensive data, we support executives in identifying the most effective ways to capitalize on their strengths and address their developmental opportunities.


Why Choose Our Assessments?

1. Foundation for Success: Data is the bedrock of sound business decisions. We empower organizations by providing comprehensive insights into individuals, enabling you to make informed choices that drive success.

2. Tailored Solutions: Struggling to decipher the right data for personnel decisions? Our assessments are crafted to address this challenge, ensuring you have the right tools to evaluate, interpret, and implement data effectively.

3. Error Prevention: Avoid hiring or promotional mistakes resulting from inadequate data. We understand that such errors can be costly, and our assessments are designed to mitigate this risk, offering a reliable solution for smarter decision-making.

What is Offered

Welcome to a world where data-driven decisions shape the future of your business and workforce. At Sandler, we specialize in offering cutting-edge psychological assessments tailored to elevate your hiring, promotion, and developmental strategies.

Our Key Service - Psychological Assessments

1. In-Depth Understanding: Our psychological assessments delve deep into individuals' psyche, providing a profound understanding of their alignment with specific roles, organizations, or cultures.

2. Strengths and Liabilities: Identify individual strengths and potential liabilities with precision. Our assessments use reliable and valid techniques to equip organizations with valuable insights for effective management and utilization.

3. Comprehensive Applications: Beyond hiring and promotions, leverage our assessments for career path planning, succession planning, teambuilding, problem resolution, and addressing cultural issues.

Elevate your decision-making process with Sandler. Explore our range of assessments and unlock the full potential of your workforce. Contact us today to embark on a journey of data-driven success.

Team Building with Sales Training

Sandler Training specializes in guiding companies toward the development of high-performance teams working in unison towards shared objectives. Our reports span the creation of new teams, laying the essential groundwork for effective collaboration. Alternatively, we specialize in diagnosing the dynamics of existing executive-level teams, implementing trainings that precisely target identified challenges.

Unlock the potential of your teams with Sandler Training. Contact us to embark on a transformative journey toward high-performance team excellence.