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Sandler Online Training

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Gain access to hundreds of valuable education assets including videos, audio recordings, webinar recordings, course previews, e-books, and more.


Introducing Sandler Online Learning Management System

  • 12 Months of access to portable sales training materials and online courses
  • Need to brush up on a particular skill? Review what is relevant to your world.
  • Login 24/7- train on your schedule
  • Reinforce the material from weekly sessions and hone your skills
  • Measure accountability and track your team's progress
  • Compatible with all devices- tablets, computers, even your smart phone!
  • Go paperless- ditch the heavy Sales Mastery and Foundations binders

Already a Sandler Online Customer?

Take Your Training Tools On-the-Go

Use Sandler Online as a tool to enhance the value that Sandler brings to your world.

Sandler Online is a new way to access your resources digitally, but it is not a replacement for live sessions with your Sandler trainer.

The Sandler Online Training Platform has been Upgraded and Exponentially Expanded

Previously, President's Club clients could only access 19 hours of recorded audio content. Now, choose from several online course options and access over 10,000 hours of audio recordings by Sandler trainers from around the world.


User-friendly, unlimited, on-demand, and just-in-time learning for business professionals.

Designed for Modern Lifelong Learners Who Want to Succeed in Leadership, Business Development, and Customer Service!

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Tell Me More...

  • Robust Content

    Complete course curricula available for sales, management, customer service, enterprise selling, professional services, and coaching. Sandler Online is designed to drive learning, productivity, and efficiency in the real world by allowing each member to learn at their own pace in their own way in a highly interactive environment.

  • Customizable Teaching

    Achieve an optimal, blended learning approach by customizing the way you learn.

    • Self-directed study
    • Instructor-led Training
    • Personalized Assignments
    • Additional Tools and Resources


  • Go Green
    • Paperless Option Now Available- Access your course materials from your devices instantly, NO MORE BULKY BINDERS!
    • Reduce Your Company's Carbon Footprint- Cancel the commute and train your team remotely with Sandler Online courses and weekly Webex sessions
  • Social Collaboration
    • Promote the professional development goals of your organization with our business-appropriate collaboration tools.
    • Blogs, discussion forums, and gamification contests are customizable to complement your company's culture.
    • Engage in informal peer-to-peer learning as well as instructor-led support and management initiatives. 
  • Management Tools and Reporting
    • Wide array of standard reports and at-a-glance dashboards
    • Customizable reports based on your organization's intiatives
    • Immediate access to data- assess capabilities and advancements in real time
    • Schedule automatic reporting to ensure measurement at strategic intervals and practical evaluation
    • Track your team members individually and evaluate their progress and comprehension
  • Certification Assessment and Monitoring

    Tools for measuring and managing learners' progress play a key role in implementing your objectives. With the Sandler Online Certification program, 

    • Verify achievement for your sales and management professionals
    • Identify knowledge gaps that must be revisited

    Tracking technology allows managers to assess each team member's status and gives trainers and managers access to materials and content to fill those knowledge gaps.

  • Learners Stay Actively Engaged
    • Virtual Training Webinars
    • Virtual Playbooks
    • Scripts
    • Downloadable Tools
  • Sign Up for Sandler Online!

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Why Sandler Online?

  • No travel, no waiting, no annoying compliance-driven clicking through courses
  • Easy-to-use search and find assets combined with comprehensive learning paths
  • Low investments of time and money which are typically 3-10 times higher with live training
  • Reinforcement of materials
  • Measure employees' progress and accountability
  • Mobile-friendly, on-demand learning from any device, anytime, anywhere!

Which Courses are Available Online?

  • Foundations
  • Sales Mastery
  • Management Solutions
  • Strategic Customer Care
  • Sales Coach's Playbook
  • Professional Advantage

What is the Investment?

 Access thousands of hours of audio recordings by top Sandler Trainers from around the world, and choose from 6 learning paths (courses) that suit your training needs.

Please call us to discuss pricing for Sandler Online Licenses.

Call Us with any Questions or to Sign Up: 770-475-2799

Sandler Online Course Catalog


The Sandler Foundations course is where everyone involved in Sandler Training officially starts. As over a million professionals before you, you are going to not only discover a path to sales mastery, but also a path to personal growth and lifelong learning that will show you how to succeed personally and professionally. The Sales Mastery program collects the best practices from our 50-plus years of sales training experience. We distilled into this program the timeless sales strategies, communication skills, and success principles which will accelerate your journey to becoming a lifelong, successful sales professional.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Why Have A System
  2. The Importance of Bonding & Rapport
  3. Elements and Terms of an Up-Front Contract 
  4. Identifying the Reasons for Doing Business - PAIN 
  5. Questioning Strategies
  6. Uncovering the Prospect’s Budget 
  7. Identifying the Prospect’s Decision-Making Process 
  8. Closing the Sale - Fulfillment & Post-Sell 
  9. Improving Your BAT-ting Average 
  10. Prospecting Behavior
  11. Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone
  12. Creating a Prospecting Plan 
  13. Making the Prospecting Call 
  14. Negative Reverse Selling 
  15. Applying Transactional Analysis in Sales
  16. Setting Goals
  17. Formula for Success
  18. BAT of Prospecting
  19. "Selling at a Premium" By Andy McCredie
  20. Get Better At Reversing
  21. Selling to the Uninformed Buyer
  22. And MORE!



If you want a better team, become a better manager. In Sandler Management Solutions, we'll show you how to recruit, hire, train, mentor, coach and lead a high-performance team. Learn how to maximize your personal performance as well as your team's.

What You Will Learn:

  1.  Recruiting 
  2. Hiring
  3. Understanding Your People
  4. Leadership Roles
  5. Managing Work Relationships 
  6. Goal Setting 
  7. Managing Organizational Change 
  8. Staging Effective Sales Meetings 
  9. Territory Management 
  10. Facilitating Account Management 
  11. Improving Sales Team Performance 



Is there a greater challenge than working on the frontlines of an organization and dealing one-on-one with customers daily? Much hinges on this critical role – from building strong customer relationships to uncovering their ongoing needs, to establishing loyalty, to continued sales. Sandler's Strategic Customer Care program will explore what we do each day in customer facing roles and how to succeed at delivering exceptional service.

What You Will Learn:

  1. On the Front Lines
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Breaking through Your Comfort Zone
  4. Up-Front Contracts 
  5. Understanding Our Customers: DISC 
  6. Questioning Techniques
  7. Up-Selling and Cross-Selling 
  8. Telephone and Email Communication 
  9. Understanding Our Customers: Transactional Analysis 
  10. Dealing with Difficult People 
  11. Formula for Success 
  12. Client Development through Sales



Learn how to break the performance code for your sales team! The Sales Coach's Playbook for Maximizing Performance will enable you as a manager and coach to ensure that your sales teams fully harness the power of the Sandler Selling System® methodology for your organization.

What You Will Learn:

  1. "The Basics"
  2. Develop the Coach's Mindset
  3. Take the X-ray
  4. Coaching - A Process, Not an Event
  5. The Coach's Toolbox
  6. Becoming a High-Performance Coach
  7. 23 Action Steps to Build Coaching Effectiveness



The Professional Advantage program provides attorneys, accountants, architects, and other professionals like you with the sales skills you need to help your businesses grow and thrive. It teaches you effective skills for selling yourself, your services, and your ideas to clients and prospects.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Overcoming the Stigma of Selling
  2. To Be OK or Not-OK
  3. Making Your Clients Feel Appreciated 
  4. Can Asking Questions Be the Answer?
  5. Run Silent, Run Deep
  6. Who You "I" Is Not What You "R" 
  7. What You Know Can Hurt You
  8. Negative Reverse Selling 
  9. Who Said That?
  10. Systematic Formula for Successful Client Development 
  11. Client Development

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