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Sales Engine, LLC | Alpharetta, GA

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 Awarded Sales Coach and Consultant Serving Metro Atlanta's Sales Professionals

2017 David H. Sandler Award Winner

CEO of Sales Engine, LLC

Mark McGraw founded Sales Engine, LLC in 2006 after spending 17 years climbing the ladder in Corporate America. He knew he wanted to join the Sandler family after he was introduced as a client to Sandler Training with his sales team at a Fortune 500 Company. Mark's knowledge and experience in corporate sales, management, and business ownership, combined with his excellent approach to Sandler coaching, is his "secret sauce" that helps clients increase profits and revenues.

Mark is also a frequent guest expert contributor for the Sandler National Business Solutions Blog, as well as a recognized sales expert in the metro Atlanta area.

Annually, a Sandler coach is selected by their peers in recognition of their outstanding dedication. In 2017 Mark McGraw was awarded this esteemed recognition. In lieu of a Sandler Hall of Fame, the David H. Sandler Award recognizes the embodiment of Sandler principles and the spirit of founder David Sandler, as well as the Sandler brand.

Mark's professional goal is to help people see and achieve a higher vision for themselves.


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