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Sales Engine, LLC | Alpharetta, GA

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Meet the Team

We strive to be the best at what we do, and help you to do the same.

Sandler Training | Sales Engine, LLC

Sales Engine, LLC. has been an authorized franchisee in the Atlanta area since 2007. Our Sandler trainers have already had successful careers as sales and management professionals and now use the Sandler Methodology in their mission to train and mentor others to be successful.



Mark McGraw

2017 David H. Sandler Award Winner

Mark McGraw is a sales and sales management expert with the ability to identify problems and define strategies for businesses of all sizes and industries.  He is able to combine his business owner experience with a corporate career to increase profits and revenues.  

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Josh Pitchford

Josh is a valued consultant to our clients and member of our team. Our clients can always rely on him to share an energetic and insightful training experience. Josh's strong grasp on Sandler principles combined with his approachable personality allows him to be a trustworthy mentor and trainer. 

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John McKee

John is a Lead-From-the-Front Sales Strategist & Trainer. With a commanding presence that naturally draws a room’s attention, John McKee stands at the forefront of sales strategy and training. Known for his infectious energy and humor, John doesn’t just teach the art of the sale – he inspires it. A Sandler Sales virtuoso, he brings an arsenal of bold, innovative tactics layered in psychology to the table, fostering an atmosphere where enthusiasm becomes as contagious as success. 

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Chris Shalls

Meet Chris Shalls, a seasoned Sandler Trainer and Coach known for his expertise in transforming sales teams. Introduced to the Sandler Selling Methodology in 2014 during his tenure at Online Trading Academy, Chris quickly became one of the top education coaches and power trading workshop instructors. With a focus on technique, planning, and sales psychology, Chris has played a pivotal role in reshaping sales teams and empowering individuals to excel in their roles. Beyond the world of sales, Chris is also an avid outdoor enthusiast, dedicating as much time as possible to exploring the beauty of Alaska. 

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Client Success and Operations


Nicole Hill

Client Success Manager
Nicole brings her passion for helping others into her role as a Client Success Manager. She is responsible for assisting clients with Sandler resources to obtain ultimate value and success.  

Ian Ronkoski

Client Success Manager
Ian has an extensive background in direct sales as well as helping others achieve their goals. As one of our Client Success Managers, Ian is able to provide a unique and interactive approach for making a positive impact for our clients.


Rachel Chang

Sales Operations Manager
Rachel is our projects, sales operations, and assessments person! She uses her advanced education in Psychology and Training & Development to assist with assessments, such as our Talogy and DISC assessments.