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I have a belief.

I don’t know if it’s true, but I believe I can make 80% of the clients we work with more productive almost immediately by 30%.

Here’s how I do it:

Check their calendar – if I can look at your calendar and see more than 30% white space, I know there is room for productivity. The most successful people I know time block for the most important things.

Don’t leave it to chance. It’s that simple. What I suggest that you do is allocate time for critical activities in life.

My biggest piece of advice… take a few minutes each week and block time on your calendar for the most important things you need to get done. Often, those are the things that are important but not urgent.

For example:
- Prospecting
- Recruiting
- Building Your Bench

These are the activities that make a difference in the long run but aren’t pressing at the moment.

When they’re on the calendar – we act when that time slot comes up. We win.

Always remember the Sandler Rule, “You’re either a part of your own plan or someone else’s.”

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