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I have a good client, Jim, who is the president of a business. He often tells his people, “P.T.S.D.O.P.!” What does it mean? Put That Stuff Down On Paper! -- You can substitute the word Stuff for whatever you like. His message to his people is get your thoughts, plans action down on paper. He says this so that people can share ideas and be accountable to the plan.

When it comes to sales – I recommend PTSDOP! That means to write out how you plan on selling, what are your steps in the sales process, what obstacle are you likely to face and what is the most optimal way of dealing with the obstacle? When you PTSDOP you immediately create a set way of operating that produces:

  1. A set process that you can improve upon over time.
  2. A way to transfer skills to new people.
  3. A set of standards by which we hold our team accountable

Whether you’re an Owner, President, Sales VP or Salesperson capture how you sell in a Sales Playbook so, over time, you can improve the way you sell and get more out of every selling day.

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