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In my first real job out of college, I had a horrible boss.

We called his leadership style “Seagull Management”. Like a seagull, he would fly in, squawk a lot, poop on everyone’s head then fly out. Hence, Seagull Management.

All along the way, I vowed that when I became a boss, I would do the opposite of “that guy”. Turns out I had the right thinking. Any experience, good or bad, can a lesson learned to a learning organization. Years later when I became the boss, I could look back and say those were some of the most valuable management lessons of what NOT to do.

Often our best lessons come from bad experiences.

Let’s say you’re buying something from a retail shop and the customer service person says something that rubs you the wrong way. You ask yourself, was it what he said or how he said it?

Then comes the critical question…are we doing that to our customers in our business? Let me tell you now, your first instinct will be to say “no”, but look again and you might just find it.

Take that experience and go back and train your people on how to not be “that guy”! That’s how you take bad experiences and make them good for your business.


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