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I’ve spoken to a lot of salespeople who say they slow down in the summer.  That works well if your Q1 and Q2 have been strong or you have a lot of confidence in your second half.  If so, then this article is not for you.  In keeping with Sandler tradition, this article is for the sales professional who wants to be different than every other sales rep in the field and make their summer months profitable.

Don’t assume prospects are on vacation.  Oftentimes, sales reps with families, beach homes or boats assume that clients and prospects have the same relaxed mindset of summer. The reality is that business owners and C Suite decision makers have as much pressure during the vacation season and are still responsible for running their businesses.  Maintain your behaviors and continue to call prospects or clients as if it were April or October.  We have salespeople who have been able to book appointments easier because calendars are freed up from meetings and less competition in getting those appointment times. 

5 Reasons to Keep Your Foot On the Gas Pedal During the Summer:

  1. Company owners and decision makers still have companies to run.     
  2. Every other sales rep assumes the client/prospect takes Fridays off, or are gone the week of July 4 and are not calling them.  (Click to read: Don't Fall For These Summer Business Myths). 
  3. Calendars may be lighter in the summer because fewer meetings are being scheduled.    
  4. Owners or decision makers often schedule phone calls during “no pay” time such as drive time or waiting in an airport.      
  5. Clients and prospects without school-aged children may not take vacation time in the summer.

When I was a manufacturers rep, the days right before major holidays were always very good times for me to build relationships with my difficult to see prospects.  Many told me that I was the only rep they had seen that day and because their calendar was lighter they made time for an impromptu appointment.  Generally, I was able to close business that day or at least establish a clear future.


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