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Summer is finally here! Most of the world is wide awake from its winter hibernation, but it is now that the business world almost uniformly decides to go into a slumber. Sales professionals tend to believe that buying slows down in the summer months. This is what Sandler calls head trash, or a self-limiting belief! A resilient, successful sales professional doesn't even think about the supposed "summer sales slump," because they are good at finding pain.

Prospects DO have money and ARE willing to spend it if you can uncover their PAIN.

Consider this: Today's companies are re-prioritizing their spending habits. Cushy employee luxuries are less attractive to the companies funding the "fluff." They are, however, willing to spend money at any time of the year on things they need. If it can save them money, avoid a future cost, or help them increase their revenue, your solution will become a priority.

Remember these 3 Hints For Leveraging Your Prospects' Pain:

  1. BE ADEPT at recognizing inefficiencies, complaints, and other pains. The faster you can identify prospects' problems, the more you can leverage their emotional connection to the solution.
  2. BE PATIENT and wait before presenting your solutions. Find out what they need, first!
  3. BE CONSISTENT when your prospect backs out- always remind them of their pain. They can't deny their own data!

Watch this video to strategize your next prospecting call, and always practice being patient with your prospects- do not "spill the candy." Do your research to discover what they need before you offer any demos or presentations. Focus on identifying your prospects' pain and leveraging their emotional connections to those issues that will encourage them to make a purchase.

Quit making excuses this summer. Your prospects WILL pay for the things they need and even the things they want- if it can alleviate their pain.

What self-limiting beliefs do you hold about selling during the summertime? Do you need more techniques to stay on track this summer? Register for our free webinar, Beat the Summer Sales Slump. Click below to sign up now!


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