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Sales Tip

Whether we're in sales or management, this simple Sandler rule is insanely powerful.

David Sandler reminded us that selling is really just a game.

I'm a lifetime learner. If you're one too, you get it. We never stop growing. We're always searching for a better, new way to do something. To make sure that you get the most out of every learning experience, I wrote down my system for attending a workshop. The next time you attend a conference or seminar, use these tips to walk out the door with even more takeaways.

I'm asked often by managers, "How do I motivate my people?" While I always appreciate the question, it's really the wrong question to ask. The reason being is that if we have to motivate our people as managers, we're working too hard. The reality is that the best people don't need motivation, inspiration yes but not motivation.


All too often, we lose a customer to the competition because we decide to share loads of information before we’ve identified the prospective buyer’s emotional motivations. We don’t uncover the pain the prospect is trying to eliminate before we fall into the trap of unpaid consulting.

A good pool of prospects is one of the keys to a successful selling career. Knowing how to prospect effectively keeps a career vital, and is truly the lifeblood of sales. Yet, so many sales professionals overlook the crucial element of having a prospecting plan. With a plan to follow, you can measure your efforts and results.

Caroline Robinson, a Sandler Trainer from Cambridge in the UK, shares her best practices for applying sports psychology to sales. Last week, we talked about changing your mindset from one of fixed thinking to one that is open to new concepts and behaviors. Caroline takes that one step further to using that mindset to improve your practice and enter the "flow" state of high performance. Caroline was another one of our featured speakers at the 2017 Sandler Summit on Vision Driven Succes.

Hiring season is here, and it’s you’re chance to show off your skills and really shine. You may be one in a million, but you could be competing with dozens of others to secure the sales job you’ve been dreaming of. The right preparation and an idea of some of the elements that are commonly included in sales interviews can help give you an edge.

Focus is key to success in building a business. Every buzz is a distraction from you doing what's most important to achieving your goals right now.

Not all questions have to be answered...right away. Many times salespeople are eager to please or demonstrate their knowledge that they shoot themselves in the foot by answering a question. Learn a Sandler technique that will improve your closing ratios.

My Mom was a funny lady and during my youth, she was constantly throwing riddles at me. Some of herriddles came in pairs and the pairs typically had a point. One such pair of riddles has been a huge lesson forme as I have gone through life. Here they are. Riddle 1: What did Tarzan say when he saw the elephantscoming down the road? "Here come the elephants." Riddle 2: What did the elephants say when theysaw Tarzan coming down the road? Nothing, elephants don't talk

Sales isn't for the faint of heart. You don't just encounter negativity on a fairly frequent basis. In many cases, it is your job to sniff it out and address it immediately. Sandler Rule #3: "No Mutual Mystification," deals with an issue that often plagues sales professionals –  "happy ears."

Wednesday mornings are tough enough without our most annoying client calling in with the usual simple problem that he is over-reacting to. We sigh and answer the phone - all while making the facial gestures of a person eating oysters for the first time in their life. WHY does that client seem to be determined to drive you insane? It's your fault ... Every morning the manager from the operations department stops in to tell you how your team messed up his operations this weekend. She is soooo abrasive. You answer in abrupt sentences and quite rudely push her out the door