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Olympic Athletes must have more than just technique and talent.  It is the behaviors and winning attitudes that get them to the level they are at.  Most of these athletes have spent the majority of their lives laser focused on becoming the very best in the world at their particular sport.  One might say that they have natural talent; but so do a lot of athletes.  What sets an Olympian apart is the dedication and focus on the goal set.    There are some very talented athletes that never make it to the Olympics or even into professional sports because they don’t have the right balance of Behaviors and Attitude to go along with the Talent. 

If Salesmanship were an Olympic event, would you bring home the Gold?  A salesperson can go to a one day seminar and learn a better way to prospect or close.  But just like an Olympian, they need to practice that skill or new technique.  Sometimes it gets very boring to practice and many times they don’t see immediate results.  The Olympian knows that their overall attitude toward that everyday practice can be the demise or secret to success.  And 80% of the success is about the attitude.  The attitude we are referring to is how you view yourself in relationship to what is happening around you.  An individual who is successful in their career can also separate their roles from their identity.  The link between behavior and attitude is commitment; procrastination kills commitment.  What are your daily or weekly behaviors that you need to be committed to in order to affect your bottom line?  Can you pick one or two to work on over the next few weeks?  Examples would be:  making one more prospecting call, a journaling activity, following up on messages left, following up on proposals submitted.

This is a big part of the Sandler Training principles that are taught to CEOs, business owners and sales professionals all over the world.  We help our clients understand that the attitude increases just by doing what you are supposed to do (behaviors).  What are you doing to be the best you can be at your profession?  What techniques have you changed?  What plans and goals do you have?  Are you able to be a winner in your identity and not let role performance affect your success?    


Learn why strategies and techniques play a secondary role to one's attitudes and beliefs, fears and scares, perceptions of possibility, and most importantly, self-image, which are all critical elements of success.  


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