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Sales Engine, LLC | Alpharetta, GA

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Sandler Training in Atlanta, GA

Partner and Coach at Sales Engine, LLC

Josh Pitchford is a valued consultant to our clients and member of the Sandler team. Our clients look forward to the energy and enthusiasm that Josh brings to each training session. Josh's strong grasp of Sandler principles combined with his approachable personality allows him to be a trustworthy mentor and trainer.

Josh’s background has given him the ability to grow into a coach and mentor to leaders in different industries. He is the son of small business owners that helped him develop a business acumen. Through consistent exposure over the span of his career, he led a team of 650 sales professionals in his last position prior to joining Sandler.

Josh was able to produce those results in his previous position, by building a scalable system that was embedded in the Sandler principles. His understanding of the Sandler Selling System and abilities to coach the system are an uncommon trait in those that are new to being Sandler Trainers.

Josh has a unique ability to relate the Sandler concepts to different companies and industries quickly and it comes through in delivery that he truly lives by our mantra to “Help People, Make Money, Have Fun”.

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