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Your Strategic Customer Care Program

Maximize All Of Your Customer-Facing Team Members 

Transform your customer service, engineers, service techs and customer-facing team.

Sandler-trained frontline employees know how to:
- Handle difficult customers and situations
- Problem solve by active listening, asking questions and uncovering the real issue
- Find harmony with the Sales & Service teams using a common language

The Challenges of Customer Service

Communicating effectively with your most valuable clients and prospects is paramount to the success of your business. Are all your employees representing your organization the way you would expect?

Our Strategic Customer Care program can help you change behavior and change the face of your organization!

Does your customer facing team struggle with:

  • Communicating via phone, email, chat

  • Cross-Selling and/or missed opportunities? 

  • Dealing with difficult customers or difficult situations?
  • Communication with external/internal clients? 

  • Problem-solving and asking the right questions to get to the heart of the 'real' problem.
  • Not taking things personally and building up confidence?

If any of these issues sound familiar, you might be missing out on lucrative, profitable business opportunities, experiencing high turnover in frontline positions, or dealing with poor morale.

Our Strategic Customer Care Program

We deliver the Sandler Customer Care program in one of two ways.

For teams of 1 to 10 people - We coach and train the core principles in weekly, live, interactive video-conference sessions. Each session lasts 60 minutes where your people work with other customer care teams and learn from a Sandler coach as well as each other. 

For larger teams, we provide our workshops either on-site or privately and customized entirely to your team.

Reach out to us to tailor a program that best fits your needs regardless of your team size.

  • What Do Customer Really Want?

    Understanding the customer expectations, and then examine what we do to meet those expectations. The Customer Service Triangle examines the relationship between frontline representatives, the customer and the company.

  • Developing Professional Communication

    Every customer is different and our ability to establish a trust relationship quickly is essential to solving their problems, developing long-term customers, and create a relationship based on loyalty beyond the product or service.

  • Building Relationships (D.I.S.C.)

    We will examine people’s communication preferences to improve communication with both internal and external customers. We will learn the differences of the4 styles, and quickly identify a person’s dominant style and how to modify our styles to our customers.

  • Upselling & Cross Selling Pain

    Customer service providers often interface with both prospective customers and existing customers and are looked to for new information, new ideas, and problem-solving while adding value to the product or services being provided.

  • Crafting Questions

    Understanding the importance and the details of how to ask questions in order to uncover the real issue the customer is having. This will give clarity allowing the frontline team members to be more direct and in control of the situation.

  • Telephone & Email Communication

    We will review both the telephone and email communication and connections to the outside world and our customers. This will ensure our communication skills are building relationships we value, not damaging them.

  • Understanding Customer Behavior

    To more deeply understand the customers, we need to understand the language and tonality being used. We will help in the study of transactional analysis of the customer and how to better adapt to each person.

  • Dealing with Difficult People

    The frontline team often has to evaluate why the customer is being difficult and we will establish a step by step process using the Sandler method. We will initiate a resolution without needing escalation and fix the problem while maintaining our confidence and retaining the customers' loyalty.

Customer Service Book

Reach out to us to talk about creating the right program for you and your team:

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