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A lot of salespeople I’ve met over the years are looking for the magic bullet. We all want it. The one thing to say. The one place to be seen. The one-liner to handle an objection or to get a sale. Prepare for heartbreak…there are no magic bullets. There is good news, though there are a lot of magic BB’s.

Sales is not about one thing, but many, many little things. Simple things.

While working with a client the other day, I heard them use the word “cost” several times. I asked them, “When your customers buy your marketing services, do they expect to make more money as a result of every dollar they pay you?” They said, “Yes.” I said, “Great, then that’s not a cost…that’s an investment. Use the right word to position the proposal discussion. That just swapping one-word “cost” for another word, “investment,” but that can be huge!

Great salespeople pay attention to every detail like that. Will that small change make a difference in a sale? Absolutely not. Is it a magic BB that will stack and make a difference? Absolutely.

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