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Bing! Buzz. Rattle. Another email, another distraction away from what's important. Oh look, Joseph A. Banks is having another sale!!

Focus is key to success in building a business. Every buzz is a distraction from you doing what's most important to achieving your goals right now.

It may seem like reading and responding to every email is a necessary work responsibility, but it is not. Do you often go home and say to yourself, what the hell did I accomplish today? John Wooden said, never confuse activity with achievement.

In growing a business it's ever more important to have focus on your top priorities.  Here are 3 steps (behaviors) to staying focused:

  1. Turn off every notification:   phone buzz, email notification, everything. Any distraction will cause a task to take 40% longer...assuming it ever gets done.
  2. Limit email to 3 checks a day.
  3. Use rules in Outlook or other mail providers to auto file or delete messages.  If you regularly get statements or invoices sent to you, have them auto-forward to the person in your business that handles those things.  Emails from your biggest client could be auto--filled into a "Hot" folder.  Rules can be set up with many variables like, who sent it, topics, containing specific words, etc.  Get creative to direct your in-box and minimize clutter. 

Not every email needs immediate attention.  Know what your daily and long-term goals are so you can successfully achieve them without being taken "off-course."

~Mark McGraw

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