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Sandler Training Group Talks

Would you like Mark or Josh to visit as a Guest Speaker at your next networking event, sales meeting, seminar, or group meet up? Maybe you have a topic in mind that you think would benefit your team or group? Please get in touch to discuss any requirements you have and we will be happy to help.


Congratulations, Mark!

Each year, one Sandler trainer is selected by their peers in recognition of their outstanding dedication and awarded the David H. Sandler Award. Our very own Mark McGraw was awarded this esteemed recognition in 2017.

This esteemed recognition rewards Sandler coaches that embody Sandler principles and the spirit of founder David Sandler, as well as the Sandler brand.

Like a Sandler Training "Hall of Fame," this is the highest recognition in the Sandler network. There have only been 21 recipients in 40 years.

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