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Sandler Training Group Talks

Would you like Mark or Josh to visit as a Guest Speaker at your next networking event, sales meeting, seminar, or group meet up? Maybe you have a topic in mind that you think would benefit your team or group? Please get in touch to discuss any requirements you have and we will be happy to help.

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Are you a member of a leads group, chamber of commerce, Rotary Club or industry trade association that sometimes invites guest speakers to their events? Mark McGraw and Josh Pitchford of Sandler Training have spoken before hundreds of such groups, offering a clear and concise teaching style that motivates sellers and business owners alike.

They speak on topics related to sales, business development, goal setting, sales management, team building, communication styles, closing, bonding and rapport, referrals, sales psychology and other motivational topics. The clear and concise teaching style results in audiences walking away with plenty of practical ideas and techniques that they can use right away.

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Congratulations, Mark!

Each year, one Sandler trainer is selected by their peers in recognition of their outstanding dedication and awarded the David H. Sandler Award. Our very own Mark McGraw was awarded this esteemed recognition in 2017.

This esteemed recognition rewards Sandler coaches that embody Sandler principles and the spirit of founder David Sandler, as well as the Sandler brand.

Like a Sandler Training "Hall of Fame," this is the highest recognition in the Sandler network. There have only been 21 recipients in 40 years.

DHS Sandler Award Credential

Variety of Topics to Discuss

Keep Things Relevant to Your Meeting's Agenda. Choose from a wide variety of meaningful subjects to meet your group's needs.

  • Five Essentials Of Becoming A Successful Business
  • Non-Traditional Selling Strategies In A Down Market
  • How To Develop A Selling System That Works
  • How To Stop Doing Unpaid Consulting
  • How To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Reach Your Full Potential
  • How To Lead, Not Manage Your Company’s Growth
  • Managing Sales Behaviors And Not Just Numbers
  • Cold Calling Strategies That Work!
  • Why Salespeople Fail… And What To Do About It
  • How to Build a Dream Team In Sales
  • Ideas For Non-Selling Professionals – ideal for lawyers, accountants, architects and engineers
  • Building Your Business Through Introductions And Referrals
  • Networking Ideas That Work
  • Break The Rules & Grow Your Business
  • Seven Deadly Sins in Sales
  • Maintaining Control of the Business Development Cycle
  • The Success Triangle & How to Use It
  • No Pressure Selling
  • Shaping A Strong Business
  • How To Sell When No One Is Buying
  • How To Sell When The Competitor’s Price Is Lower
  • Are Your Salespeople Outdated, or Outstanding?
  • Sell More, Sell More Easily
  • 4S’s – Sales
  • 4S’s – Management
  • Time Management
  • SEARCH model

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