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What's Your Plan To Deliver Results in 2017?

Exceed Your Goals for Q1 & Kickoff 2017 the Sandler Way

Do you want predictable, consistent results—every quarter, every month, every day?

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Help You and Your Team Achieve Tangible Success on a Regular Basis.


Mark McGraw, CEO | Josh Pitchford, Partner | Kim Smith, Client Services and Sales Operations 

 Sales Engine, LLC. | Sandler Sales Training



  • Learn Proven Sales Techniques to Book Appointments with Customers.

    Take the Lead in the Sales Dance.

  • Gain Momentum Ahead of Your Competition When Entering Q1.

    Stand Out From the Rest.

  • Leave with a Sales Strategy that will Assure You Beginning the Year Strong.

    Know "What's Next?"

  • Find Out How to Become a Sandler Client

Sample the Sandler Selling Technique

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Consistent | Reliable | Repeatable | Effective

A Recipe For Success

What's Your System?

  • Do your salespeople have the product knowledge down but consistently miss numbers?
  • Do you start discounting to make the sale?
  • Do you have a reliable, repeatable, effective system for sales?

Having a selling system means knowing what steps you need to take that are the most efficient and effective to help the prospect through the buying process.  Are you ready to learn more?