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Unlearn Conventional Selling Behaviors

Try a Fresh Approach.

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  • Learn Proven Sales Techniques to Book Appointments with Customers.

    Take the Lead in the Sales Dance.

  • Gain Momentum Ahead of Your Competition.

    Stand Out From the Rest.

  • Learn a Sales Strategy that will Give You Peace of Mind.

    Know "What's Next?"

  • Find Out How to Become a Sandler Client

The Monkey's Paw

Using a Sandler technique called "The Monkey's Paw," learn how to shorten a long sales cycle.

Introducing Sandler Online Learning Management System

Take Your Training Tools On-the-Go

Use Sandler Online as a tool to enhance the value that Sandler brings to your world.

Sandler Online is a new way to access your resources digitally, but it is not a replacement for live sessions with your Sandler trainer.

Remote access to training sessions is still available at

Why Sandler Online?

  • Access 10,000 hours of content by top Sandler trainers
  • Need to brush up on a particular skill? Review what is relevant to your world.
  • Login 24/7- train on your schedule
  • Reinforce the material from weekly sessions and hone your skills
  • Measure accountability and track your team's progress
  • Compatible with all devices- tablets, computers, even your smart phone!
  • Go paperless- ditch the heavy Sales Mastery and Foundations binders
  • For a limited time- enroll before March 15, 2017 to unlock your Sandler Online license for only $295! (Original price of $500 will resume after 3/15/17.)

Consistent | Reliable | Repeatable | Effective

A Recipe For Success

What's Your System?

  • Do your salespeople have the product knowledge down but consistently miss numbers?
  • Do you start discounting to make the sale?
  • Do you have a reliable, repeatable, effective system for sales?

Having a selling system means knowing what steps you need to take that are the most efficient and effective to help the prospect through the buying process.  Are you ready to learn more?